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What we use in

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these products, see us for a demonstration and purchase directly from us!
To get you started, we give out 250g of our coffee beans for free! (for purchases over $100)
Because we use these products commercially and in the lab, we are happy to give on-going support to our customers to ensure that you get the best out of your brew.
Also, we only sell what we use, so rest assured you will get professional advice.
See you soon! @ Duke’s Lounge


Otto Espresso
RRP $800.00
Hario Coffee Syphon
TCA 3 Cup
RRP $130.00
V60 Dripper (Pour Over)
White Porcelain 1 Cup
RRP $25.00
Hario Buono Pour Over Kettle
RRP $75.00
AeroPress Coffee Maker
RRP $50.00

Parts and Accessories

Hario Bamboo Paddle
RRP $8.00
Hario Cloth and Mesh Filter for Syphon
RRP $16.00

Butane Burner
RRP $45.00

Chemical Cleaner
for cloth filter
RRP $10.00 (100g)

Hario V60 Dripper (Pour Over)
1 Cup Paper Filters (100)
RRP $14.00
Digital Micro Scale
RRP $14.00
 More products coming soon!

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