[Former] Staff Bio: Monique

Mon, the chief and commander of the Barista area at Duke’s Lounge and the one to go to when you need that morning coffee STAT! (..and yes, she’s studying a University prep course so she can follow her dreams in pursuing a career in medical science)

The published Barista not only showcases her lightning skills when it comes to making coffee but she also knows your coffee order even before you step through the door and every little detail you like in a coffee; Whatever your coffee request, Mon will make it to your standards, then blow your mind next time you come in. She will spend time to learn and perfect ‘your’ coffee. To the point where she can tell you how much froth one customer likes, or how much chocolate one customer wants, and remembers them all. (and that’s a lot of customers in our database)
So that, to me, is dedication and passion, to the maximum.
So it’s quite accurate to say: Duke’s Lounge won’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for Mon, the MasterBarista.

However, when Monique isn’t pumping out coffee, or drinking it herself, she can be found in the kitchen, experimenting with new flavours & recipes to add to the menu.
(If you enjoyed Duke’s Lounge signature Pikelets with Vanilla & Strawberry butter, or the Canadian Heartbreaker – that was Monique!)

Outside of Duke’s Lounge, Monique can be found pursuing her other passions: writing, music, sketching, sourcing ingredients & design ideas for Duke’s Lounge, or practicing her golf swing at Moore Park Driving Range – just to name a few things.

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