About Us

It’s all about passion, Welcome to Duke’s Lounge,

Besides being featured in various magazines and industry media, put quite simply, we love what we do. We have dedicated baristas pulling perfect shots of espresso and our menu is designed to cater towards filling up hungry stomachs.
From our Epic Bacon and Egg Rolls, Sweetheart Pikelets, Duke’s very own ‘Canadian Heartbreakers’ to our Big Breakfast; Duke’s Lounge has been commented as serving the best value meals in Sydney.

At Duke’s Lounge, you will experience a true cafe culture presented by our passionate staff. Our barista area is the showcase of the floor, having the espresso machine facing the audience, you will be able to witness coffee perfection. Our display fridge showcases bakery created by the Grumpy Baker, Sydney’s renowned artisan sourdough baker. Here, we present to you the best of the best. From gorgeous muffins to specialty breads, even our tea range by TeaCraft are nothing less of ‘Artisan’ …there’s something for everyone.

We use only the very best coffee, a specialty blend by Numero Uno called ‘Altitude Premium’ These 100% Arabica beans, sourced internationally and locally, are grown at 1,100 metres above sea above or higher, and to ensure freshness, we only grind beans that are less than a week old from the roasting date. To enhance quality and goodness, we only use milk by A2 Milk which is free of permeates and is made up by a single protein called a2. This results in a creamier milk which is both easy on your stomach and also compliments our espresso blend, highlighting all the best flavour characteristics to deliver to you a cup of coffee perfection.

Our teas are conjured by Australia’s only known TeaMaster; TeaCraft, who also supply Tetsuya, Matt Moran and The Observatory Hotel, just to name a few. TeaCraft’s teas are sourced from their countries of origin personally by TeaCraft themselves and blended by hand locally.
TeaCraft are masters of all teas, from the famous black teas, green teas to the competition grade teas. Therefore, we can guarantee that you’re getting the best of the best.

Next to it is our retail coffee shelf where you can buy the coffee beans we use, fresh from Numero Uno to you. Along side are our range of artisanal teas by TeaCraft with accessories to enhance your tea experience. Coming soon will be coffee accessories for the home barista, including Aeropress, Pour overs, Siphons and coffee parts by Hario Gear Japan.

In the near future, we will be adding a tea appreciation section and a coffee laboratory where we will be showcasing the amazing tastes and aromas we have purveyed for Duke’s Lounge, delivered to you as art.

So next time you’re around, please visit us! Located at 153 Avoca st Randwick, come in and say hi to Duke and Monique and indulge in the world of passion that is Duke’s Lounge and see what the buzz is all about.

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