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Hey everyone!!!
Sorry we’ve been really quiet on wordpress lately. We’ve been working our butts off trying to launch Duke’s Lounge with a bang for 2011 and so far we’ve done pretty well.
Since the first day we opened in 2011, it’s probably accurate to say that we’ve doubled our business, almost tripled from December and we are growing by the week. With the help of a bigger seating area (we’ve expanded to fit 30 people) smarter marketing, improved and expanded menu, new premium quality food suppliers, amongst other things. However, what we believe has created the biggest buzz and following for us has to be the opportunity of writing for T3 magazine.

We debut in the December 2010 issue (Cover above) and had the opportunity to write about what we are most passionate about, Coffee!
(I’ll post up the article with haste when I finally get home today as my scanner here doesn’t work real well)

It went so well that we’ve been asked to write a feature of about 3000 words for their February issue! So apart from working the cafe during the day and business liaison, we’ve been doing a whole heap of research so we can produce the finest article to show the world about Coffee; history, culture, trends and beyond.

We’re also still waiting on our outdoor seating to be sorted out by the council. I’m keeping my opinions to myself about councils but let’s just say we already have the wind barriers waiting for when we get the license to put them out, with some nice tables and chairs to along. (a total of 8 seats outside)

Retail coffee beans and accessories are also in the works. We will be retailing NU’s Premium Altitude Blend, Picasso Blend and maybe even their golden bean award winning Organic Blend.

We’ve also designed our own takeaway coffee cups. That also is just a few weeks away from approval and production.

So far so good for 2011!~ we’re very excited of our accomplishments so far and looking forward to our projects ahead!

Thank you to all our followers. With you we won’t be the cafe we are today!

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